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Childcare Fees

Infant full day                            $47.00
Infant half day                         $40.00
Toddler Full Day                       $38.50
Toddler Half Day                      $28.50
Preschool Full Day                     $34.00
Preschool Half day                    $25.00
JK/SK Before School               $12.00
JK/SK After School                 $12.00
JK/SK before & Ater School    $15.50
JK / SK Full Day                       $34.00
The rates listed below are for children who attend grade one or higher and are at least 6 years old. 
Before OR After School           $11.00
Before AND After School        $16.00
School Age Full Day                  $31.00
School Age half day                  $23.00
Full day consists of up to 10 hours.
Half day consists of up to 6 hours.

A rate of $1.00 per child will be added per every minute you are late picking up your child after the regular closing hour of 5:30pm
Payments are to be made by POST DATED cheque BEFORE your child is able to start, payments are to be made on the 1 and or 15 of each month.
Subsidy questions and information:
City of Windsor Children's Services
400 City Hall Square
Windsor, Ontario
N9A 7K6
(519) 255-5200
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