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Childcare Fees

Infant full day 

Infant half day



Toddler Full Day

Toddler Half Day   



Preschool Full Day 

Preschool Half day  



JK/SK Before School 

JK/SK After School 

JK/SK before & Ater School

JK / SK Full Day 





The rates listed below are for children who attend grade one or higher and are at least 6 years old. 

Before OR After School

Before AND After School 

School Age Full Day 

School Age half day





Full day consists of up to 10 hours.

Half day consists of up to 6 hours.

A rate of $1.00 per child will be added per every minute you are late picking up your child after the regular closing hour of 5:30pm

Payments are to be made by POST DATED cheque BEFORE your child is able to start, payments are to be made on the 1 and or 15 of each month.

Subsidy questions and information:

City of Windsor Children's Services

400 City Hall Square

Windsor, Ontario

N9A 7K6

(519) 255-5200


Click on Fee Subsidy Calculator and follow the instructions

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