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A Place to Grow has devoted much time and research into developing illness policies that are in the best interest of your child and our staff. We cannot guarantee that

we are fully able to contain or prevent the spread of illness.

When we establish guidelines, we understand that sick child care exclusion

guidelines that are too stringent can be an enormous burden for working parents. On the other hand, lax standards can cause increased illnesses among children,

staff and families. Because caring for sick children is ultimately the responsibility of the parent/guardian, please be prepared to make alternative care arrangements.

during certain outbreaks. It may be necessary for A Place to Grow to put into affect additional or more stringent policies and procedures for the well-being of all children and families.

Children with any of the conditions below must be excluded until the symptoms/conditions have been resolved.

  • Fever of 101 degrees or more
  • Rash (undiagnosed)
  • Diarrhea; increased number and water content of stools
  • Vomiting
  • Thrush, mouth sores
  • Children with specific infections but not limited to: Pertussis, Whooping cough, strep, head lice, scabies, chicken pox, impetigo, mumps, measles, rubella, hepatitis A.
  • Influenza
  • Discolored eye, pink eye, ear or nose discharge.
  • Evidence of severe illness, lethargy, unusual sleepiness, irritability, prolonged crying, obvious discomfort, difficult or rapid breathing, extreme or uncontrollable coughing, wheezing, poor appetite.
    Parents will be called to make arrangements to pick up a child too ill to remain in care. We ask that children are picked up within one hour. If your child is too ill to participate in ALL daily activities, (eg: outside time) your child is too ill to attend the centre.

    Children absent due to a contagious disease or absent for 3 or more consecutive days may NOT return without a written clearance from a physician.


A Place to Grow will administer medication ONLY if it is in the original container and labeled with your child’s name. All writing on the bottle MUST be legible. Medication will be administered based on dosage information on the bottle only.

Medication parental permission forms are filled out completely on a weekly basis.

Included on this form are the exact times the medication is to be given and the parent/guardian’s signature.

Expired medication will NOT be administered.

A Place to Grow is not responsible for lost or damaged medication.

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